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El Quisco is located in the San Antonio province at Valparaíso Region, almost two hours from Santiago. It is part of the route of the poets, which recognizes Chilean poets of international renown in different parts of the country.

The origin of the name of this city is due to the cactus Quisco, endemic species of central Chile and the largest within the territory where it develops, reaching up to 7 meters high.

The history of this city doesn’t have so much records, but is known to have maintained a progressive development during the twentieth century, after it was established as a commune on August 30, 1956, which caused that a large number of people settled in the area transforming it into one of the most popular beaches in Chile. In 1973 military colonies settled in the Hotel Italia because of the political situation that the country lived at that time.

Part of the history of Chile is due to characters who lived in the commune of El Quisco, for example Camilo Mori who was a national art award and the one who designed the coat of arms of the city, Clarita Solovera, a major national folklorist and Pablo Neruda, the most recognized of the previous ones, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1971 and lived in the sector of Isla Negra, where today it is possible to visit his house which is a museum in his memory administered by the Pablo Neruda Foundation. There you'll find extracts from his poems and personal pieces of collection.

This area is one of the favorite destinations for summer holidays because it is close to the city of Santiago, and it’s easy to access, having several hotels and residentials. Among its beaches are: Los Clarines, El Batro, Los Corsarios, Ahogados beach, Las Conchitas, Punta de Tralca, Tabulanque and Isla Negra beach.

The estuary Bayo and the Pinomar estuary flow into the main bay, which together with Costa Bella and El Alicate cover two kilometers of the bathing areas.

El Quisco stands out for its pleasant climate that allows visiting it all year round, with dry summers and temperatures averaging 27°C and winters with low rainfall. The commune has a Municipal Stadium Eugenio Castro González and the Yacht Club created in March 1949 where social and maritime activities include sailing, fishing, diving, and smaller motor boats.

The fishing village of the city has had different processes in which its position has been destabilized, especially when the urbanization was installed. Nowadays, thanks to the right that it acquired to maintain its social identity, it has been allowed to continue with the extraction of resources from the sea, which has also been regulated since one of its most extracted resources, the madman, was becoming extinct. That's way nowadays there are catch quotas entablished to preserve the species.

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